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Olympic Easy Curl Bar

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This Olympic bar is solidly constructed with reinforced carbon and made by premium quality steel to provide the ultimate user experience. Olympic super curl barbell is an idea for biceps and forearm weight lifting.
The curl barbell is specifically designed for neutral grip positions and a snug fit in the hand which allows users to perform different angles of biceps and triceps extensions for complete arm development. 


- Designed to reduce discomfort when lifting weights and reduce the stress on the wrist and forearm
- Specifically designed for preventing the deformation of the barbell
- Extra angled grip on narrow grip curls, easy to grip and a snug fit in the hand


Olympic Bar Length: 120 cm
Plates bar length: 18cm
Curl Handle length: 85.5cm
Fit Plates: 50cm Olympic plates
Weight: 7kg

Package Included:

1x of curl Olympic barbell 

2x Collars

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